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5 Superb Women Authored Books You Could Start Reading NOW

Firstly, I am not a huge fan of ‘Women’s Day’. Sorry if that bothers you, but women and men and other genders are all amazing and fabulous. And women are superb beings. And one day is just not enough to celebrate a woman. Anyhoo, here’s my list of the awesome women authors you have to read. HAVE TO. Women are rad, but these authors kick ass! A few months ago, or maybe last year, I don’t remember, I got down to reading only women authors. Specially coloured authors like Alice Walker, of course Angelou, Octavia Butler and the likes. Then there was Katherine Stockett, our very own Sudha Murthy (I love her!), Louisa M Alcott, Sylvia Plath, the very rad Sandberg etc etc. So what happened when I read women authors for about two months. I felt somehow more confident, happier and proud. Being a woman, it is so good to read stories about other women. And if you’re someone who thinks that women stories are all about their ranting and are sad depressing stories …

हटा दो

तो फिर हटा दो वो झूठे लाज का घूंघट वो तौर तरीकों के जाले वो नज़ाखत वो अदाएं … फिर ही तो मिल पाओगे मुझसे तुम बेबाक , बेशरम, बिना झूठ बिना सच बिना खुद के , बिना मेरे । फिर हटा देना वो सोच के दायरे मैं क्या देखूंगा क्या सोचूंगा क्या कहूँगा जब आना मुझसे मिलने तो बस अपनी रूह लाना… नंगी, अनछुई, ना साफ़ ना मैली।

Wanna read in Hindi? Begin here

So many of us have read so many books. And there are only so many Indian authors writing in ways that are relatable to Indians. Most Indians, majorly North Indians, have an added advantage of knowing another language that is used by them almost all the time – Hindi. And most of us haven’t thought about it, but there is a plethora of books in Hindi that are just amazing and will leave you spellbound by their gripping storytelling. While you read this, you may be wondering if your Hindi skills are good enough to be reading novels. Here’s the deal… If your language isn’t that good, read. It will improve your skills. Just like reading English books improves your English language skills. I cannot promise that you’d understand every word of the story, but then don’t you need dictionaries while reading other novels? Use this link to translate any difficult words to English, and wallah, you’re all equipped to get reading. Hindi can sometimes seem intimidating. But there are a few authors like Premchand, …