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I Don’t Miss You

If you’d ask me whether I miss you, I’d say I don’t. But just sometimes, when I’m looking at the setting sun, My eyes well up — And my heart aches for your presence beside me. But, no, I don’t miss you all the time. I’m being honest. Just sometimes when I’m ready to run away from everything I think of your arms, that I’d want to call home. But I really don’t miss you, For life’s busy and life’s fast. Just sometimes, when time is flying by —             I close my eyes and hope to see you smile.

Three Thousand Stitches: There’s Still Good in the World

Sudha Murty is amazing. If you’re someone who likes to read a simple tale without the complications of long sentences and difficult words, then she is the author for you. Her book Three Thousand Stitches is another example of exemplary writing in the not-so-long a list of books this philanthropist has authored. An introduction to the lady is a must… Murty is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, which is known for all the work they do for the development of the downtrodden and the outcast. Murty sits on top of that or rather walks the extra mile to bring comfort to the lives of the underprivileged. She is a strong woman, if being a chairperson wasn’t enough, hear this: Sudha Murty was the only girl in her engineering college B.V.B. College of Engineering and Technology, and instead of being ‘scared’, as the society would expect, Murty topped the college and was awarded a medal from the then chief minister of Karnataka. Three Thousand Stitches is aptly shown in the cover image that will become …

5 life-lessons taught by a 13-year-old

Anne Frank, the diary of a young girl is a book that comes under ‘must-read’ in everybody’s list. It is not only an awesome book for historians, but an emotional roller coaster for everyone. As emotional as the book may be, it is also surprisingly uplifting and humorous. What some readers will appreciate is the sheer wisdom that Anne Frank exhibits at an age so young. And through that wisdom and understanding, I’ve lifted five amazing quotes from the book that will really encourage you to look at life in a new light. Such wise words are worth every re-read of the book. If you’re someone who is still unaware of the blazing light that envelopes the reader, you must really really pick this book up as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Is Amazon Kindle the right thing for you?

Amazon Kindle is absolutely amazing. Hands down, it is the best gadget for all your reading needs. A decent Kindle costs about Rs. 10,000. And although Amazon tempts you with discounts and brings down the cost by three grands, you’re not sure if you should spend that hard-earned money on the device. I have owned a Kindle for five years. And I have decided on these 9 questions that will help you decide if you should buy the gadget. Do you love showing off your book collection? Yes – The Kindle is not for you. All your books are digital. However expensive, beautiful or show-off worthy, they’re inside your device. So you cannot really sport a wonderful teak bookshelf. No – Buy the damn thing. If you’re someone who doesn’t care about who sees what you’re reading, then the Kindle is for you. Do you lend your books to others and love sharing the experience of reading? Yes – If you’re a lender and like it when people read your books and enjoy it, then the Kindle is …