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हटा दो

तो फिर हटा दो वो झूठे लाज का घूंघट वो तौर तरीकों के जाले वो नज़ाखत वो अदाएं … फिर ही तो मिल पाओगे मुझसे तुम बेबाक , बेशरम, बिना झूठ बिना सच बिना खुद के , बिना मेरे । फिर हटा देना वो सोच के दायरे मैं क्या देखूंगा क्या सोचूंगा क्या कहूँगा जब आना मुझसे मिलने तो बस अपनी रूह लाना… नंगी, अनछुई, ना साफ़ ना मैली।

Read with me, I’m Avantika

I am trying to become a book blogger. My love for reading & writing is what got me here. This isn’t my first blog, but unlike my previous blog – that is now struggling to survive because I stopped updating it, I hope to really put in my time and effort into this one. This blog isn’t just about my love for reading. No, it isn’t. It is about the whole art of blogging and becoming aware and responsible for something I’ve started. I have often left things unfinished, books unread, blogs dying. Yes, I know its too much negative, but well, I think the first step to overcome ones faults is to accept them. Before beginning this blog, I read a lot of other blogs. Blogs about posting regularly; book blogs; review blogs; time management blogs and a lot more book blogs. And man was I intimidated! There are so many wonderful people out there, reading such beautiful stuff and then finding the time to write about those things, equally beautifully. I saw people …