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Book Lover’s Struggle No. 1

Who hasn’t faced THIS? Every person who loved reading has faced this never-ending struggle of wanting to read soooo many books, but alas, life gives us only 24 hours in a day and a person gotta earn! Damn Capitalism! I am working on a Thursday series that shows the struggles of a book lover. And the struggle is real! Share yours, so I can try and illustrate them.  

It Is So Hard For Me To Read Non-Fiction. Help!

A new year is here and I am absolutely glad that I am entering this year loaded with books to read. I have on my list four Man Booker awardees, namely, The Underground Railroad , Lincoln in the Bardo, A Horse Walks Into A Bar and The Sellout. These books will take about two months to finish. So yeah, I’m sorted for the beginning of the year. What I am sad about and want to change in the year 2018, is that my shelves are loaded with fictions. If you go through my Goodreads, you’d see a variety of fiction novels. But alas, I have not read one non-fiction. It is so very difficult for me to read a non-fiction. Why, you ask? Consider this. I really wanted to know about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. And I have an absolutely amazing book, The Siege: The Attack on Taj by Adrian Levy, sitting on my bookshelf (my husband’s actually). I picked that book up. The author starts with the names of all the real people …

Is Amazon Kindle the right thing for you?

Amazon Kindle is absolutely amazing. Hands down, it is the best gadget for all your reading needs. A decent Kindle costs about Rs. 10,000. And although Amazon tempts you with discounts and brings down the cost by three grands, you’re not sure if you should spend that hard-earned money on the device. I have owned a Kindle for five years. And I have decided on these 9 questions that will help you decide if you should buy the gadget. Do you love showing off your book collection? Yes – The Kindle is not for you. All your books are digital. However expensive, beautiful or show-off worthy, they’re inside your device. So you cannot really sport a wonderful teak bookshelf. No – Buy the damn thing. If you’re someone who doesn’t care about who sees what you’re reading, then the Kindle is for you. Do you lend your books to others and love sharing the experience of reading? Yes – If you’re a lender and like it when people read your books and enjoy it, then the Kindle is …