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Does reading make you sensitive?

I was in a random bookish discussion with a friend the other day and this question just snaked in my mind. And I began to think about it.

As I started to think about all the books I have read, I realised a few things.

I have experienced things in the books. Things that I haven’t experienced in my real life (and obviously don’t want to experience some of them). For instance, best friends committing suicide. A close friend committing suicide is one of the most common events in YA books. Some describe it at length. Some focus entirely on how the person’s life changed completely by that one event. Death, in general, has been described ‘beautifully’ in books. The sense of loss… does that make one sensitive to suicide?

Some other books describe lives of people from different perspectives. The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho is a fine example. For those of you who haven’t read this book, it describes the same event of a woman’s life through the eyes of different people. And each person has a different point of view about the same event/action. Some call her an angel, some call her a witch.
Does a book like this make you sensitive to other people’s situations?

Does it make you more sensitive to relationships and the society at large?

Tell me what you feel in the comment.



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