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The Amazing Reading Challenge: Book Bingo

We all set goals to read a certain number of books each year, and some of my more ambitious friends set one for each month. Some other like me get lost about what to read next and appreciate a challenge now and then to help us catch on reading habits. So here’s a challenge I thought would really help one read.

You must all have played bingo. Remember those 5×5 boxes with random numbers with the goal of the game was to finish one line?

So I found a book bingo on Goodreads and another one on the Penguin website. But they were not  made for the Indian audience. So I designed my own! Yay!

The rules are real simple. Let me run you through them:

  1. Pick a line of five squares. It can be vertical, horizontal and/or diagonal.
  2. Each book you read can fill only one square. No two squares can have the same book.
  3. Tick the boxes off as you finish reading the book and you can write the name of the book as you finish, just to keep a track.
  4. Celebrate your win!

Here’s the bingo for you to download and print.


Usually, this game is played in a library. But like me, you can play this with your friends. What I am currently playing with my friends is this; we have all decided to race to complete one line. And whoever completes the line first gets a book from each of the other players. Fun no? And when one line is done and one person has won, you can print a new box and start all over again. This time picking a different set of books for the same line or you can try a different line altogether. Trust me, it is going to be so much fun!

So till now, I have only completed an autobiography – Lone Fox Dancing (Ruskin Bond), which I think I will put under ‘Indian Author’ so as to complete the second last horizontal line. And am currently reading the Schindler’s List, which I think I will put under ‘Based on True Story’. But, let’s see.

This is a great opportunity to find new books to read, and explore new genres. I had never read an autobiography, but looks like I really liked it. So I will try reading more of them. And I also have ‘Open by Andre Agassi’ in my mind. The book looks promising. And them probably I will dwell into ‘A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway’.

So go on people, get reading with your book club, friends, make it a family feud or just play by yourself. The idea is to keep reading and getting to know more characters. 🙂

Happy reading.
Do tell me if you downloaded it and are playing it. Also, share your completed bingo with me.

Show me some love!


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