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Goodreads Giveaway: Lone Fox Dancing

It was some time ago that I enrolled myself in the Goodreads giveaway for the autobiography of one of India’s most famous and loved author Ruskin Bond, Lone Fox Dancing. And I won.

As a kid, I had once had the opportunity to meet him. He paid a visit to our school. And just like the idea that our grandparents could have been young at a point in time seems comical, so does the idea of the author having a childhood. He looked old when he came to visit, about ten years ago. He looks the same ten years later. He seems to have stopped aging. Just like most of his stories. His most famous character Rusty has stayed with most kids of 90s.

I am so excited to read what he has to write. Here’s a line from the book that’s going to make you wanna know what the author’s all about. And how a person who remembers this can write such amazing short stories. And not one or two, but about 500 stories. Enough for the entire childhood.

If we are lucky, we love with both heart and body, and I like to think that my parents were lucky. Neither of them spoke of it as a courtship, however, and when I consider the short time they spent together before I was conceived, I wouldn’t call it a courtship, either. The season demanded passion, and they happened to find each other; so chance had a greater role to play in my birth than it does in others…

Granny’s discomfort with me may be due to the fact that she wasn’t sure if I was legitimate or not. She’d have been horrified at the thought.

Review coming soon.


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